Yamaha P45 vs P45b digital piano

One of Yamaha’s most successful digital pianos is the P-45, thanks to its price and overall performance.

This digital piano from Yamaha obviously gets a lot of searches, as it is shown in the picture:

Yamaha p45 monthly searches
Yamaha p45 monthly searches

Thousands of people are constantly typing up the browsers with terms like:

  • Yamaha P45 digital piano
  • Yamaha P45 electric piano
  • Yamaha P45 88 keys…
  • ..list clearly goes on…

It is all well and good until You conduct in-depth researches and find out that there is also a Yamaha p45b in the marketplace.

This is when the”Whats the difference between the P-45 and the P-45b” dilemma comes in.

Difference Between P45 and P45b Personal Experience

Just like anyone else I came across this mind bugging issue, I personally tried researching the differences, but got little to no outcome, at first I personally believed the Yamaha p-45b was an upgraded version of the normal p-45 until I finally called Yamaha to clear my doubts.

is there a difference between yamaha p45 and p45b
is there a difference between Yamaha p45 and p45b

You will not believe what I discovered:

When I called and talked to one of Yamaha’s staff members, I discovered that the letter B at the end of the phrase Yamaha  P-45 stands for Black!!!,  yes Black.

There is actually No Difference Between the Yamaha P-45 and the P-45b, the B at the of the model’s name stands to indicate the black color.

But wait ….there is another plot twist… all p-45 models are made in black,  meaning you will not find a single Yamaha p45 that is made in white or any other color.

Look at this example:

Researching the Yamaha P-45 in google images, as You can see we are presented with a black version of this portable piano throughout the google image research.

simple Yamaha p45b digital piano research on google image
simple Yamaha p45b digital piano research on google image

Now, let’s look at the P115, this model presents both a black and a white version, which can be differentiated by typing Yamaha P115 and Yamaha P115 b

keeping in mind that there is not a difference in performance between this two (Yamaha p-115 and Yamaha p-115b), let us conduct a different research this time, with the term Yamaha p115w 

simple yamaha p115w digital piano research on google image
simple Yamaha p115w digital piano research on google image

Why Would Vendors Include a B on the p-45

Knowing that this model only presents a black version, my best guess is that most vendors are not fully aware of how confusing this is to potential buyers.

There is a possibility however that some vendors are specifically pointing out the fact that indeed there is only a black version of this digital piano, assuming that everyone already knows this, but that is not the case.

The P45 vs P45b dilemma is a very popular one, just as the P-115 vs P-115b and other similar searches, once again this is just a color distinction and not a hardware or performance difference.

Meaning that you can purchase this Yamaha piano, without worrying about the differences

 Check out our interactive review on the Yamaha p45 digital piano through the link below: