Yamaha DGX 660 vs 650 Digital Piano

Yamaha’s brand new DGX 660 is here. They promise the best Contemporary and versatile DIgital piano for interactive learners, with the new Piano Room, microphone integration, and wireless connectivity. But the DGX660 and DGX 650 were not created equal, so what’s the difference between them other than size and price?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Of course, the biggest difference between this two digital piano is the polyphony ratio and that brings us to their numbers:

  •  Yamaha DGX 660 as a total Polyphony of 192
  •  Yamaha DGX 650 as a total Polyphony of 128

they both present a good enough/ impressing amount of polyphony, the DGX 660’ratio, however, is significantly higher than the DGX 650’s. This is not a small difference especially when approaching the technical part side of music, Polyphony is a concept I talk about in every article review due to its heavy importance in the piano world.

The biggest selling point for the DGX660 is the new microphone integration which is the best (or second best) piece of technological advancement that Yamaha has integrated into this digital workstation.

Both this Yamaha keyboards are known for their versatility, but again an upgrade such as a microphone slot really overshadows the DGX 650……

yamaha dgx 660 microphone integration

You can sing along while you play, hearing your voice with digital effects through the instrument’s speakers. Plus you can even record your performance to a USB device to share with your friends and family! Yamaha

An Amazing feature that has been added to the 660 is indeed Piano room:

Yamaha Digital piano

The DGX-660 provides a dedicated virtual space where you can choose from a variety of pianos and acoustic settings, creating your personalized practice or performance environment. Simply select your desired piano, then choose acoustic spaces from a plain room to a club stage to a concert hall. You can even adjust the position of the virtual piano lid!

WIreless connectivity is everywhere, on your phone, your tv, your gaming console, everywhere…

The Yamaha DGX 660 ✔ Wireless connectivity 

The Yamaha DGX 650 X Wireless connectivity 

Digital pianos and keyboards in this day and age should have wireless connectivity.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case, the DGX 650 seems not to support this.

Although there is not a noticeable difference in voices and songs between this 88 keys digital pianos, is still worth mentioning their overall count:

  • Voices

Yamaha DGX 660 offers 554 voices

Yamaha DGX 650 offers 543 voices

  • Style

Yamaha DGX 660 offers 205 styles

Yamaha DGX 650 offers 195 styles

Yamaha promises there’s no compromise between the DGX 660 and DGX 650 digital pianos, but that’s not really true, the DGX 660 is clearly the superior keyboard and that’s reflected in its price.

These 2 keyboards represent Yamaha vision for their DGX workstations: they do the basics better than their predecessor. They are also clearly the best marriage of hardware and fell you’ll find anywhere for digital pianos of the same price range and their features will prove to be their biggest selling point.