Yamaha DGX 660 vs 650 Digital Piano

yamaha dgx 650 vs 660 digital piano

Yamaha’s brand new DGX 660 is here. They promise the best Contemporary and versatile DIgital piano for interactive learners, with the new Piano Room, microphone integration, and wireless connectivity. But the DGX660 and DGX 650 were not created equal, so … keep reading..

Yamaha P115 vs P255 Digital Piano

Yamaha p115 vs p255 digital pianos

Yamaha is well known for these particular digital pianos, the P115, and P255, the latter is the more expensive of the two pianos, with a design of it’s on and a substantially high price. We have previously talked about the … keep reading..

Yamaha P45 vs P115 digital piano

P45 and P115 comparison

When it comes to digital pianos Yamaha is always the right place to go, however, making the right choice is not always easy considering there are so many digital pianos with similar features.In this article, we are looking at the … keep reading..

Yamaha P115 vs P115b digital piano

difference between yamaha p115 and p115b

Getting stocked when researching digital pianos is very understandable in this day and age due to all the fancy naming some keyboards present, especially if you are a complete beginner and have no clue how the digital piano world works. … keep reading..

Yamaha P45 vs P45b digital piano

Yamaha p45 vs yamaha p45b

One of Yamaha’s most successful digital pianos is the P-45, thanks to its price and overall performance. This digital piano from Yamaha obviously gets a lot of searches, as it is shown in the picture: Thousands of people are constantly typing … keep reading..